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“You need to lie down,” Kaylee said, softly, at Julia's side, holding a baby – if it was hers or belonged to someone else, nobody was sure.
“Okay, okay,” Julia nodded, sighing, standing up while the other girls helped Aniston up to her feet, shakily, to make room.
Julia – knowing what was coming – fished her underwear down and slid across the bed, holding her middle and wincing all the while. She was already doming in the belly, and there was no chance she could get the dress off before the obvious happened. It was too tight, and it was too late. Aniston helped her lie down, pushing her now-heavier body to the center of the bed and hiking parts of her dress up, giving easier access when the time came.
“I'm in my fifties,” Julia muttered, irritably, digging her shoes in to inch back. “I'm not supposed to have babies.”
“Just lie down,” Aniston said, and slid a pillow down to her side. “Here, put this behind your back when it starts to hurt.”
“This is ridiculous,” she muttered as she did, feeling pangs of pain across her belly. She was already starting to sweat, the telltale sign of an incoming baby-factory. “I haven't had a baby in y-oohh...!”
Julia let out a gasp as she twisted, grabbing the sheets and contorting as the first real, heavy growth hit her.
Her middle swelled suddenly, the green fabric stretching to accommodate the new size to her body. Her dress was now so tight over her that the visible bulging swell was visible to everyone looking at her – it started at her pelvis, like a wave, then surged up over the domed flesh, rippling it outward and bulging out, going over the taut belly and bellybutton before rising over her and ending at her sternum. The fabric was already starting to stretch, and dark stains of sweat were appearing everywhere.
“Oooohh,” she moaned, feeling her body do things it wasn't supposed to. But it wasn't labor pains. She knew what those were, and they felt more like her pelvis and her abdomen stretching. This was was like she had a pump hooked up to her abdomen and she could feel her body rapidly expanding and shifting to make room for whatever she was being filled with.
Another shifting surge went through her, and again her body bloated, surging up and swelling even larger. Julia let out a pained, long, low groan.
“Uuunnngggghhhhh,” she cried, holding a hand to her middle. She looked like she had swallowed a basketball, and her dress was beginning to draw taut.
Lawrence, standing nearby, hurt just looking at the woman. She was happy to not be swelling up, even if she did feel a bit hot in the skin. The way the green dress molded to Julia's skin made her own clothes feel tight and uncomfortable, and she unbuttoned a spot in her back. She had an awful feeling she knew what it was, but wasn't growing, so – she hoped – she would be the one unaffected.
But, still, looking at Julia on the bed made her wince, and she didn't want to take the chance.
Julia, meanwhile, was still plumping up every minute or so, and she had grabbed the pillow and jammed it into her mouth to muffle the agony. “Oh god, oh god,” she whimpered. “Hoooooooohhhhh god!”
Her belly was growing still, somehow tighter and firmer than before, and Aniston – sitting on the other bed, hypnotized, begun to worry. She was growing not just rapidly, but enormous. Not even Erica, who had twins, grew this big.
Another growth spurt, and Julia gripped the bedsheets tightly, groaning and throwing her head back with the sensation. “Aaaaooooowwwwhhhh!” she moaned, long and loud. “Ohhh ow ow...ow!” she panted for a moment, eyes still squinting shut. “I'm...still growing?”
“Yeah...” Aniston said, worried. “I don't think you're ready to birth yet. The growth happens before then, and didn't stop until it was done,” she gave Julia a sad look. “I don't think you'll be ready until the growing stops.”
“Oh come on,” she moaned, clawing at her stomach. “Let's go, why the delay? The other girls didn't have to wa-oooohhhh!”
Another surging, rippling growth. The swelling had changed slightly, still starting at her pelvis and going across her rotund middle, but now it was so tight and firm due to size (and her dress stretching across it) that it looked more like kicking from within instead, little flickers going across her middle. It was getting increasingly tight.
“Ohhh no, no no,” she begged her body, but it wasn't listening, watching it swell. She was now so round her belly had dropped, and little dents in her skin were happening at her sides, where her belly threatened to divorce from her body. Were she any of the other girls, she'd be bent in half and pushing by now.
Aniston, still sitting on the other bed, eyed her as Kaylee trotted in, with a glass of water that Julia greedily snatched up and gulped down.
Behind them, against the wall, Lawrence was starting to feel sticky in her dress, and she begun to fan her face. It was so hot in the room. And she felt tight in her dress, like she didn't earlier. But it wasn't in the belly – strangely, her top felt tighter than anything, right at her chest. She glanced at her chest, where her breasts seemed to be pushing up out of her top like they hadn't when she went to the Oscars.
Feeling stuffier and having a hard time breathing, she tugged at the top, taking a big gasp of air as she did. She begun to unbutton her dress at her back, feeling relief as her breasts were given more room. The dress wasn't fit for her newly expanded bust, and she felt the fleshy orbs slide lower in the top. The bottom of the cups pressed down at each boob halfway down.
It was better, but there was still an uncomfortable tightness in her dress she didn't like.
I don't think I'm pregnant, she thought, but it was a plea as much as a thought.
Julia, meanwhile, was still growing. Somehow.
“No, no,” she begged, feeling the heat and tightness hitting her just as the growth surged across her belly. “Nooooaaarrrrgggghhhh!”
The skin rippled again, but more invisibly – the green fabric was slightly shifted by her body growing, and the already-tight skin and flesh tightening even further as she continued to swell. But the swelling was barely noticeable, even if Julia's cries of pain increased. Her dress let out small, audible 'rrriiiipppp' noises as the seams at her hips and belly stretched, and tore, exposing huge chunks of tight, naked belly. She looked stretched to the absolute maximum. Julia was running out of room to grow – and not just in her clothes, either.
“Hoooooo,” she whimpered, feeling her belly, rubbing the exposed bits of flesh. “Hooooo. Ohhh god, I'm so tight,” she winced, turning slightly. Her body was stretched so much that even shifting in place felt like torture. She would have felt more comfortable if someone stretched her skin tight by grabbing the flesh of her back. “Ohhhh god...I can't tight...”
“You have to be done growing now,” Aniston said, gently touching the enormous belly – and was swatted away by Julia's hand.
“Don't touch it!” she gasped, afraid. “I feel like I'm gonna...gonna...poppppp!”
Another ripple, and her belly – somehow – got even tighter. It swelled, like an overfull balloon, barely changing but visibly causing stress to Julia. She was still enlarging, her insides battered apart by however many babies were rapidly growing inside her,
“Ohhhh aaaaauuuuggggh!” she screamed, bent in two by her belly. “Ohhhhhh god...I'm...I'm gonna explode! S-someone help!”
Aniston's face went white as she looked at the expanding woman and, terror overtaking her, let out a gasp and turned, hiding her face from the laboring woman as her body would no doubt give up and rupture somewhere.
Lawrence, nearby, let out a small gasp as she watched Julia's body slowly inch towards exceeding her limits, belly looking like a medicine ball wedged into her green dress. She had forgotten about her own predicament, and covered her mouth, too horrified to look away.
“I'm...I'm gonna burst,” Julia shouted, arching her back as hard as she could. “Oh no, ohhhhhhh no no no please stop, I'm going to explode! I'm...I'm...”
Julia, suddenly, let out a gasp of relief, and shouted, “Oh god, ohhhh...” and flopped back. Aniston turned around, carefully, and saw a puddle in between her legs – her water had broken. She was beginning to go through labor.
“Oh thank Christ,” Aniston muttered. She already felt sick at the very idea of her actually bursting. A simple childbirth would be much simpler. “Towels, and some clean water,” she said, to Lawrence.
A little stunned, Lawrence didn't think about how her dress was still snug, and how her chest felt a little tight, she just turned and trotted off, to fetch what she asked for.
In the bathroom, the she at once begun to fill the bucket with clean water, having emptied it once already. She stood to take it, and felt a small pain at her back. She glanced down at herself – her dress was definitely more snug. Lawrence gently put a hand to her middle, and probed – there was a little dome there.
Crap, she thought, annoyed. She had hoped she was just getting big in the chest, like some weird process had screwed up the thing that made them all pregnant, and it wouldn't be just her, but she would not be so lucky. She just had to get the bucket and towels into the other room.
She leaned over the tub and pushed the water spout closed – and felt an odd wetness at her chest. Thinking it was splashed water, she gave it no mind, and stood with some difficulty. Her belly wasn't hurting and tightening like Julia's was, but it was definitely starting to put a strain on her back, and she was now standing bow-legged in her tight dress.
Her breasts, feeling even more restricted in the dress, were now being cut into by the underwire. Feeling out of options, she dug her hands into her top and pulled each boob up – and her hand came back moist. And it wasn't water, it was a little slicker and cloudy.
“Pre-milk...?” she said, a little surprised. “I...I guess I am pregnant.”
Fitting her now huge chest into the cups was an incredibly difficult task. She was originally fitted for a B, maybe a C if she really lied to herself about her bust size, but now she was just...massive. Each breast was more than a handful, and placing it in the too-small cups felt like trying to put a water balloon in a martini glass – it just overflowed everywhere, up and out of her bust. Plus, the niggling feeling of rubbing as her nipples secreted more fluids wasn't helping.
She crouched down and gripped the handle on the bucket and lifted, with her legs, and her back protested all the same. She had barely gotten it lifted out of the tub when, suddenly, a hard cramp hit her back muscles, and Lawrence's body buckled, dropping the bucket – and dumping out the water, right into the tub.
“Crap,” she whimpered, and scooped the bucket, tugging the nozzle open again and putting the bucket beneath it. She waited a moment, staring at it, and was interrupted by a sudden, hard, intense cramp all around her middle.
“Aaoooowwww,” she groaned, knees buckling. She looked at herself – she wasn't very big, just a little bit of a dome to her body, and she felt what – she assumed – was labor pains. She moaned as the cramp came over her, the tightness to her abdominal muscles around her belly hurting incredibly badly, in addition to the stretching in her pelvis.
The bucket was full, and she let out a small grunt of pain, and forced herself to push the nozzle closed and heft the bucket up. She made a careful waddle out into the hotel room again, dress feeling tighter than ever. And, yet, as she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, her belly didn't look that big. She was ready to birth....but nowhere near as large as the others. Except in the chest, anyway.
Now that she was prepared for it, the hard cramps that came over her as her labor started weren't as bad, and she kept a hand on the bucket firmly, walking out.
Kaylee saw her walk, and the way she was walking, and let out a gasp. “You' too?”
Lawrence nodded as she got the bucket down next to the bed where Julia was lying. “Yeah, I'm...” the cramp was starting, then, and she let out a low, pained groan, knees buckling and coming into a crouching position. It helped a little through the painful contraction, her back aching and her belly tightening. “Ohhhh, aaaooowwwww....”
Her legs parted and she put a hand in front of herself, on the ground, stabilizing her posture. To her surprise – again, despite her rather painless growth and the small belly and everything – there was suddenly a wetness at her groin, that could only be amniotic fluid. “Oohhhh,” she panted, with the pain. “Ohhhh ow ow ow.”
Meanwhile, Julia was lying back, enormous orb of her belly rising and falling with her rapid breaths, panting through painful contraction after painful contraction.
“Hooohhhh,” she gasped, head back, mouth agape. “Hooooaaaarrrrgggghhh!”
Her belly tightened, hard, and she bore down, legs splaying hard as she felt an object shifting inside her body, right at her stomach, but above her pelvis. Aniston put a hand to her belly, feeling around, and winced.
“You''re in labor but...” she hesitated. “You're not getting anywhere. You need to give your hips time to separate.”
“Okay, okay,” Julia panted, gasping for breath. “But the contractions are coming...pretty...ffaaaaassssstttt...!”
She tightened herself in half as the cramp bore through her, bending in half and trying to resist pushing – but it was to no avail, as her body didn't seem to agree with itself. She clenched her stomach in half, and pushed, squeezing her body and her birth canal as she pushed the first baby out of her body. “Hoooaaaarrrrrgggh!” she groaned, turning into a scream halfway through. “Aaaaaoooohhhhh!”
But again, Julia felt her baby slide further down, right to her exit...and stop. Again, right at her pelvis. Her lower body wasn't ready yet, not separated enough to allow the baby an exit. Instinctively, no thanks to her body, she tried again to push. “Hrrrrnnngggh!” she grunted. “Hnngggaaaaahhhh!”
And, again, the head pushed against her exit, but nothing was ready yet, and it only hurt and slid back. “Hooh,” she panted. “Hooh, hoooooohhh....”
Lawrence, during this, had already gone through two painful, incredibly tight contractions, her belly tightening with labor. “Hoooooohhhhhhh,” she groaned, holding a free hand to her back. “Ohhhhh god...”
She slowly pushed herself upright, and took a few steps around, hand at the small of her back, riding out the contractions as they tightened all over her body. “Ohhhhh,” she moaned. “Walking helps a little, I just-”
Lawrence buckled, then, falling over and gripping the nearby wall, her other grabbing a fistful of her dress, tugging on it for all it was worth. “OhhhhhHHHHH!” she screamed, her voice heightening until she was almost deafening. Once it was over, her legs buckled, and she fell forward, gasping for air. “Oh god, oh god.”
Seeing she was having problems – but still hurting a little from her own birth – Erica came over, holding the laboring woman by the shoulders. Lawrence leaned against her and – using the moment – hurriedly fished down her underwear, which was soaked in anmiotic fluid.
“Is the next one coming?” Eliza asked, holding Lawrence up.
“I...I think so, I think soooohhhhhh,” Lawrence's legs buckled and she parted her legs, coming down with her legs splitting open, wide, as she felt what could only be one thing coming down inside her body. Very much instinctively, she pushed hard, bearing down and pushing her pelvis out. “Hoooooh, hooooh,” she panted, hoarsely, as the contraction surged up. “Hooooaaaaauuuugggghhhh!”
Both Julia and Lawrence took trades screaming as contractions racked their aching bodies, pushing down with all of their might to get their babies out. But, despite Julia's lead, Lawrence's body seemed to be cooperating more. Lawrence fell against the wall, neck tucked in, tiny tight belly heaving as she pushed her passenger out.
“Ohhhhh god, oh god,” she gasped, feeling the next contraction surging up. “Oh god oh god ohhhhhhh! Aaaaaaahhhhhhggggnnnnhhh!”
She tucked herself in half, pushing with all of her might, and her vagina parted as a hair-lined head slid closer to the exit. “Hooooaaarrrggggh,” she grunted, and begun panting for air. “Gaahhhhh, hoooahhh, hoooarrgghhhh...”
“Do you need anything?”
Lawrence, feeling the contractions getting even closer, shook her head, and gripped her dress with one hand, tugging on it as she pushed once more, bearing down hard. “Hrrraaaaauuuggggghhhhh!” she groaned, loudly, and suddenly there was a wet 'pop' at her nethers, and a spherical object was at her groin, a squished pale face of a baby hanging just outside of her body. Her birth canal relaxed, and she felt her body trying to tug her baby back in, but it was too far out by then.
“Ohhhhh,” she moaned, feeling her body sore and abused by childbirth. “Ohhhhh, ohhh, ohhhhhhaaaarrrrggghhh!”
“Don't push yet!” Erica said, rubbing Lawrence's back. “Rest, you need to breathe or you'll pass out!”
But Lawrence was already bearing down hard, pushing with all of her might, read to be done with this. She pushed, and the baby inched out, shoulders coming ever so close to her exit...and then there was another small pop and the baby slid out the rest of the way, shoulders breaking free and the rest of her fat baby girl's body sliding out of her.
She collapsed, falling back out of her crouch, and Erica at once scooped the baby up and begun the difficult – and messy – process of cutting the cord.
Julia, while this happened, seemed to have finally gotten ready – Aniston was helping her spread one of her legs, and the birth canal at her groin seemed to have separated enough. Pushing was sliding her baby down, at long last, and she took in a sharp, deep breath and pushed with all of her might.
“Hoooooo,” she wheezed, sucking in a breath. “Hoo, hoooooo, hrrrggggnnnhhhh!”
Her belly heaved, shaking with the sharp breaths she was taking, and tightened as her grunt increased, and she pushed. Between her legs, her nethers parted, and there was a tiny head inside.
“Hooaaarrrrgggghhhh,” she grunted, bearing down. “Hrraaaauuuuggggghhhh!”
At long last, her baby's head popped out.
“Haaauuuggh!” she gasped, as the head came forward. “Hooo....hooooo....oh god, oh god!”
“Almost there!” Aniston said, meekly trying to grab the baby's head – she had undergone the process, but she was also not a doctor, and her grip on the head slipped about, and she tugged way too gently. But, the encouragement was enough, and Julia swallowed and begun to push.
“Whooo,” she whispered, and sucked in a deep breath and bore down.
It was a long, hanging moment as her body shifted, she squeezed herself in half, and pushed with all her might. But, thanks to her age and the slow-to-shift pelvis and birth canal, the shoulders only inched out slightly, then stopped, and her energy ran out and she felt her baby slip back inside.
“Hooo,” she gasped, and pushed her hands down in the bed, doubling up to push the baby out again. “Hoo, hooo, hooo, huurrrrrgggghhhh!”
She bore down hard, squeezing herself in half, and pushed as hard as she could. “Huuuurrrrrggggghhhh!”
The baby slid a bit, there was a pause, and suddenly the shoulders came free, the baby snagging in her opening right at the belly. Aniston let out a shriek and tugged hard, and birthing fluids splashed everywhere as she pulled it out the rest of the way, the wail of a baby ringing out.
“Oh god, hooooohhh,” Julia wheezed. “Hoooooohhhh....”
At once, the baby was whisked away, cleaned off and wrapped in a towel and put with the rest – the rapidly-growing row of newborns thankfully were sleeping. Julia wasn't sure she could take birthing with a row of screaming infants too.
The babies were cleaned, and taken care of, and put away, efficiently, and Julia laid, gathering her breath and chugging water to moisten her parched throat. Lawrence, still lying on the floor, was just momentarily relieved hers was over and done with – with just one, her belly was flattened again, and even though her boobs were still massive, she was done. The afterbirth came quickly, which was a surprise, but she wasn't going to question it.
Kaylee, meanwhile, had gone back to the dresser, where the clock was. She picked it up and shook it, staring into the camera lens. “Hey,” she shouted, into it. “Yeah, I know you're there. You better open up, because we've got a lot of babies in here and not enough food.”
Aniston, at Julia's side as she begun to pant with more, new contractions, glanced at her, and said, quietly, “What are you doing??”
“It's a camera,” Kaylee said, pointing at it. “So I'm trying to talk to whoever did this.”
“Are...I mean, who?”
“I'm not-” she begun, but the wall on the other side flickered and shifted.
As though it were a big TV, the wall vanished, and some sort of weird jelly monster appeared. All the girls recoiled, shocked.
It looked like a floating pink-purple translucent object, with no defined shape. The top and sides and underside all shifted and contorted as the time went on, and two long darker-colored tentacles hung to the floor. It appeared alone, and in no room, as though it was not even a camera recording its presence. It was more like it was simply...projected onto the wall.
“Are the accommodations not to your liking?” the thing said, in a voice that echoed and hummed like a guitar twang, both before and after it spoke. “We have taken every pre-”
“What the fuck!” Kaylee shouted, jumping away. “What in the-”
The thing paused. “We...are not hostile,” it said, slowly. “We apologize for scaring you, Kayleycuoco. But you seemed eager to talk.”
“What...what the fuck ARE you??”
“We...we are what you would call 'aliens,'” the squid-thing replied. “Refer to us as the Qinar.”
“Ohhhhh,” Julia was moaning, rubbing a hand to her face as a painful contraction coursed through her. “'s's coming...”
The Quinar turned slightly in place, looking at where Julia was lying, her legs spread wide.  “Are you all happy with the arrangements?” it asked, and turned to the others. “We have taken very extensive measures to provide you all with this.”
“With...the room?” Kayley asked.
“Ohh, ohh,” Julia panted, and bore down, spreading her legs widely, belly heaving and heaving and tightening as she pushed. Her hips were already spread wide, her birth canal ready, and she felt a round, solid object slide down from her insides, heading down. “Hoooooaaaauuuugggghhhhhnnnnhhh!”
Her lower lips parted, her body widening to make room for the second baby. She pushed, hard, and made good progress before her energy ran out and she let out a pained grunt. “Huuaaauughh,” she gasped. “Huuhhh, huuhhh....”
At her side, Aniston wiped her face with a towel, and checked in between her legs – she seemed to be fine.
“Did...did you do this to all of us?” Kayley asked, holding her middle. She still felt sore and exhausted from when she gave birth, in addition to the awful, painful stretching and expansion from when she grew.
“Do you mean, give you children?” the alien asked, and it dipped slightly in the air. “Yes, we did. We gave you all one pregnancy, but some had more babies than others.”
Scarlett let out a shreik of anger. “Why??” she demanded. “Why did you do this to us?”
The Qinar hesitated. “Are...are you not happy with your new babies?”
“We didn't want kids!” Aniston said, hotly. “You us pregnant for no reason?”
Julia suddenly grabbed Aniston's arm, clenching it tightly as another contraction bore through her. “Nnnnggggaaaaahhhhhh!” she gasped, loudly, body pushing very much on its own. There was a dark orb just inside her labia, bulging her groin as it descended slowly. The baby's sister had already done most of the work, and Julia was stretched out and ready, but no childbirth was ever easy.
“I'm here, I'm here,” Aniston said, coming to her side and pulling on her thigh and pushing on her back, helping her bend herself down and shorten her birth canal.
“It...was not for no reason,” the Quinar said. “We have observed your species for some time. We thought women were always interested in having babies.”
Kayley didn't reply for a moment. “...I mean, I guess!” she shouted, tossing a hand out. “But not all of them and most of us want like, husbands to help us, too!”
Next to the far wall, Lawrence was still sitting, resting after her fairly painful birth, and she touched her middle. Being a new mom was a different experience, and she could feel her belly felt a little heavier with baby-weight. It had stretched her dress out quite a bit, which was annoying, but she was just too stressed and overwhelmed and tired to think about that now.
She took the water cup and drank from it, glad she had found it nearby. Lawrence could feel the room was too warm, and her sweaty dress was not helping. She fanned herself, and wiped her brow – she was sweating a lot, even more than she thought she would.
Oh, no, she thought, head flopping back. Oh come on, I already did this...
But, right on time, her belly cramped hard, and she bent over, clutching at her abdomen as she felt it tighten and swell. “Ohhhhh,” she gasped, holding her middle. “Oh no no no, ow ow ow....”
Her stomach swelled like she had pushed it out intentionally, then a little further, painfully large. Against her will, her back arched, trying to make room for her new pregnant belly, that had domed out, making a small curve from her groin to her sternum.
Kayley saw her visibly stressed, and came to her side. “Are you okay?” she asked. “I thought we got the afterb-”
“I'm pregnant,” Lawrence said, wincing as she felt her belly throb and inch slightly further. “I'm...I'm having another baby.”
“What??” Kayley shouted. “But...but...”
“Hnnnnggggghhhh,” Lawrence grunted, rolling her head back, as she felt her stomach stretch painfully, bulging out a littler larger and rounder than before. She looked about five months at that point, and rapidly barreling towards what could only be forty weeks and inevitable childbirth.
“I'll...I'll get some towels,” Kayley said, standing up.
“We bypassed the need for men,” the Quinar said, simply. “We gave you each small injections that triggered your fertilization systems by fabricating your own chromosomes into the necessary components. You have given birth to your own babies.”
“That's not even what I mean!” Scarlett said, angrily. “I mean, like, you know, husbands and wives, or even just a boyfriend. Or even girlfriend if any of us are gay. We don't just want babies only!”
“We...we see,” the alien said. “ the problem with having babies, exactly?”
Julia's body heaved, and she hoarsely gasped, belly rising and falling as she panted. “Oh, oh, ohhhhhhhaaaauuuuggghhhh.”
She bore down, hard, pushing one more time, and there was a wet 'squelch' as her second baby's head finally broke free. “Haaauuugghhhh,” she gasped, giving herself a momentary break. Aniston gripped the head and tugged, causing new splashes of pain she had forgotten hurt, and Julia pushed as hard as she could.
Her canal widened, and she pushed. “Ngggghhhhhhhh!” she gasped. “Hoooaarrrrgggghhhh!”
Scarlett, with some difficulty, said, “It's...babies are a lot to take care of for humans, it's not just having them and they take care of themselves. There's cleaning, and dressing, and watching, and feeding...”
Lawrence let out a small wince at that. She had only given birth half an hour ago and yet she felt her breasts tingle at the very word 'feeding.' Her breasts ached, huge and full and loaded with milk, visible veins appearing all over the thin skin. Even though she was so sorely tired, she felt an irrational, powerful urge to express milk and make sure her baby drank it.
Julia, meanwhile, bore down again, trying with one last, powerful push to get her baby out. “Hooooo,” she gasped. “Hoooo, hooo, hooooaaaauuuugggggghhhhnnnnnnhhh!”
There was a pause, and the baby finally came free, and birthing fluids sprayed everywhere, landing in the towel as baby number two let out a wail. “Hauuuuggghh!” Julia gasped, and fell back, mercifully glad for a breather amid all the labor.
Her belly had deflated significantly, and Aniston at once scooped the baby up. As with the rest, she was taken away and cleaned and bundled. Both of her babies – surprisingly – were really fat, and big, and this one was as well, a chubby little baby girl.
Scarlett had taken the time, while the next baby came, at continuing to explain that babies were a lot of work “for humans,” and the alien patiently listened.
“We...we understand,” the thing said, pausing. “We...apologize for the error.”
Lawrence's belly was huge, and round, and she grunted as she felt another uncomfortable stretching coming over her, causing her to arch her back and push her belly out, seeking any level of room for her swollen belly. She was getting massive, just like before, and her dress was stretching tight over her middle.
“Oh god,” she gasped, feeling her insides shifting apart as she swelled again.
“What's going on with her, then?” Scarlett demanded, pointing at Lawrence. “She's pregnant again? And having another baby? I thought that we only had one pregnancy at a time!”
There was a pause as the alien looked around, doing what Scarlett could only guess was thinking. Then, it finally said, “Oops.”
“Oops what?”
It paused again. “We, ah, made an error, and Jenniferlawrence seems to have gone through the process twice,” it paused. “Our mistake.”
“Oh god, ohh, ohhhhh,” Lawrence moaned as she gripped her dress with one hand and lifted herself off the ground with one hand, knees spreading as her belly tightened. Labor was starting. She was already giving birth.
Julia let out an annoyed grunt as she felt another contraction overcoming her, and she groaned aloud. “Nnnnggggaaauuuuuhhhhh,” she moaned, her head rolling back. “Guuuhhhhhh! Hooh, hooh, oh god,” she took in a deep, heavy gasp. “Oh come on, not another onnnneeeuuuuggghhhhh!”
Her thighs parted and raised slightly as she felt yet another solid object making its way down her birth canal, even faster than the last one.
“You had to be having triplets hon,” Aniston said, wiping her face with a towel. “You were way too big for it to just be two.”
“Ughhhh,” Julia groaned, but hiked herself up to her birthing position again, hands behind her and bending in half, pushing her birth canal shorter, preparing for the next contraction.
Scarlett looked at the alien, and the two laboring girls. “So...why us?”
“You are some of the most loved women in the world,” the Quinar said. “We also see that your gossip and magazines seemed to obsess with you having children. We assumed this would make your species happier.”
“Regardless of what we want?” Scarlett asked.
Again, the Quinar paused. “Your point is noted.”
Lawrence sat on the ground, steeling herself against the contractions that were slowly rocking her body, bit by bit, widening the already sore and stretched part inside her body. She gritted her teeth and bit down the sensations until one finally came – much faster than she expected --- that was so bad her muffled grunt turned into a long, drawn out moan.
“Nnnnaaaaaooooouuuuuggghhhhh,” she grunted, tossing her head back. “Ohhhhhh ow ow ow, oohhhhh...”
Julia, meanwhile, showed no signs of stopping, and moaned as she felt her third baby – hopefully her final one – sliding down inside her. She dug her heels in and pushed herself squat, and squeezed her belly tight, forcing her abdomen to push the baby that was hanging out just in her vagina down. “Hooooaarrrrrggghhhhhhh,” she grunted. “Huuhh...huuuhhh...huuuurrrrrrrrnnnnngghhhh!”
The hole that was in between her legs showed no movement or change as she labored, breathing through the contractions as they cramped her body. Aniston wiped her forhead and dabbed the sweat and gave her water, and she struggled through her last baby being birthed.
The contraction came through her, and she let out a pained gasp. “Ohhhhhh,” she moaned, and bent in half and bore down, but it didn't help, not giving her enough pushing to make a difference. Her muscles and body was too, too tired.
Julia arched her back hard, lying down as she hefted her hips up and pulled her legs as wide as they could. It helped a little, and Aniston shoved a few pillows down under her hips, letting her elevate them a bit. Another contraction came, and she pushed – and this time it worked, giving her body other muscles to use, and she pushed, her back arching in a different way.
“Huuuuaaaahhhhhh,” she moaned, spreading her legs wide and pushing hard. At her groin, a small dark shape slid down, and down, and then came to her entrance, a bit of blood leaking out as she pushed. “Hooooooaughhhh....hooo....hooohhhh...ohhhh...”
“Almost there, a little more,” Aniston egged, giving her a bit of water.
She drank it and nodded, taking a deep breath in preparation for the next contraction – which came soon, and her legs went even wider as she slid down, the pain forcing her body to crumple. “Oh, ohhhh, auuuuugggghhhhhh!”
Her labia parted, and her third baby – the last one – slid into the final part of her body, right at the entrance to her body...and suddenly popped out, the head coming just at the exit.
“Oh!” Aniston shouted, and jumped up, throwing towels at her groin and struggling to wrap her hands around the slippery head. “That was...awful fast!”
Julia nodded. “I'm...I'm stretched...ouuuutttttt!” she gasped as she pushed one final time and – mercifully – the baby fell free, into the pile of towels and Aniston's hands.
Another big, fat baby girl. Julia's belly had collapsed, and the fabric looked like so much worn out string in a ball on her middle. But, relieved, she laid back, and allowed the girls to quickly (they were getting better at this) clean, wrap, and put away the newest baby, adding to the collection.
Lawrence, meanwhile, was having some difficulty – her body was stretched out, but not to the same degree as Julia's, and therefore each contraction was all new and all painful. She clutched a hand to her mouth, biting her knuckle as she labored. “Ohhhhhhhh,” she panted. “Hoooaaaauuuuugghhhhh...”
Lawrence's breasts had grown so big in her top now that they were threatening to pop out, the nipple almost visible. Through the stress of it all, the stain on the front had gotten bigger – she was leaking again, the sticky film inside each cup spreading. Each gasp caused the flesh to jiggle and bounce, easily big enough to bump into her swollen belly if she wasn't currently restrained into a too-small top.
She laid there for some time, Kayley at her side, working through the contractions. She knew how it went – wheezing and puffing as she let her body do what it wanted, allowing the exit of the baby that would be coming down in no time – at least she hoped it would be just one. As before, Lawrence's belly was relatively slim against her body, nowhere near the killer whale size that was Julia at her biggest.
“Ohhhhhhh,” she moaned, clutching at her groin, feeling her body widening. Another contraction hit her hard, and she felt the instinctive urge to push. She had to be close, to almost be ready.
As the next contraction hit Lawrence, she struggled to a standing position, gripping the banner next to her, and fell into a low crouch, her legs buckling. “Hoohhhh, hoooh,” she sucked in a breath, gritted her teeth, and pushed.
Her belly heaved and tightened and she pushed herself down, and Kayley saw her belly shrink slightly, right at her sternum, and her groin suddenly was wet with moisture. Kayley instinctively grabbed at towels, trying to catch the liquid and making it more comfortable for the laboring girl.
“Huuuuuurrrrrrggghhhnnnnn!” she grunted, and her voice broke into panting. “Huuuuhhh...ohhhhh...”
“Are you close?”
“Mmm-hhhnnnnnggghhhhh,” Lawrence tried to agree, but the contraction hit her, and she buckled her legs, squatting hard and pushing. A little afraid of the results, Kayley grabbed the bottom of her dress and pushed it up and aside – there was no baby, but her lips were parted. There was blood and birthing fluids all around her groin.
Legs shaking with exertion, Lawrence clutched for a handhold somewhere, keeping herself upright. She was panting, taking the momentary breather, right before the inevitable next contraction hit.
When it did, she crouched low and pushed her pelvis out and bore down, squeezing herself in half. “Hnnnnggghhhhhh,” she grunted, “Hhhhhrrraaaaaauuuuuggghhhh!”
Her lower lips parted slightly, and the dark form of her baby came down the path.
“You're doing good,” Kayley said, assuming she was.
If her dress was sweaty and tight before, at this point it was a second skin. She may as well have dipped into the bathtub, it clinging tightly to her form, every part of her body drenched and her neck and collar dotted with moisture. Kayley handed her a cup, and she gulped it down, then threw what was left of the water on her face, desperate for the cooling moisture.
And, right on time, the next contraction started.
“Huuhh, huuh, huuhhh,” she gasped, head rolling back, and her whole body tightened as she bore down, pushing hard. “Hoooooooaaarrrrgghhhh!”
She pushed, and pushed, and screamed and gasped, and slowly a baby's head inched down into her groin, so close to being born.
“Ohhhhhhh,” she gasped. “Oh come on, come on, come out baby...”
Another contraction. “Huuuaaarrrrgghhhhh,” she gasped, and squeezed herself in half. “Hooooooaaauuugghhh!”
The dark orb at her groin inched, and inched...and hesitated, and when she stopped pushing it slid back up a little, her vaginal lips closing. Again, she tried.
“Hoo, hooorrrrggghhhhh!” she moaned, and tucked her head in tight, contracting every muscle in her body. Her baby inched out slightly, and she fell back, gulping air. “Nnnngggghhhh! Hooo....hoooohhh...ooooohhhh...”
She rolled her head back, and Kayley rubbed her leg. “You're almost there, just a little more,” she said, softly.
“This shouldn't be this hard,” she moaned, “Uuuggghhhh,” but sucked in a few breaths, panted, and bore down with the next contraction. “Huuhhh, huuhhh, huuurrrrrrkkkk!”
Again, the dark form in her body inched down, coming close to her groin, and hesitated, but a little closer this time. But her stamina ran out, and the form slipped back inside – but closer.
“One more big one,” Kayley said. “You have this, I know you do.”
Lawrence's body dipped and rose a bit as her shaking legs stretched and she prepared to push – she couldn't stand if she wanted to, the baby in her groin pushing her pelvis open. But she sucked in a breath, squatted hard, and pushed with all of her might. The baby slid down, and there was a pause as it was just within the gates of her body, and it suddenly popped forward, free, splashing birthing fluids around.
Lawrence's body dipped as she sucked in a deep breath. “Ohhhhh, guuhhhh,” she gasped, trying hard to waddle in place around the baby hanging out of her. “Guhh, huurrrrgghhhhh...!”
The baby dropped a bit, and Kayley – with some fear and difficulty – gripped the baby's head and tugged, and Kayley pushed...but her stamina ran out, and she gasped, standing a bit and the baby slipping back up, head squashed against Kayley's groin.
“Come on, try again,” Kayley urged, and Lawrence stood, her legs parted by the round sphere between them, but needing a moment to relieve the stressed and taxed legs. She then sucked in a deep breath, fell into a crouch, and pushed again. “Huuuhhh, huuhhhhh, huuuuaaarrrrrrgggghhhh!”
Kayley tugged, and tugged, and there was a moment where Lawrence thought she'd be doing this forever, her baby hanging inside her body, but something gave and the baby mercifully came free, falling into Kayley's arms and the pile of towels at her feet.
Lawrence collapsed, rubbing her face, relieved and exhausted – twice over.
Seeing the affair over, the alien glanced at the group. “We...apologize for the confusion. We did not fully understand humans. We...will correct this situation as best we can.”

Lawrence jolted awake, eyes widening as she realized that, despite everything she was just feeling – exhaustion, soreness, ache, and a weird sensation of fondness for babies – she was, inexplicably, in bed, on a weekend, lying on her front, head in the pillow. She looked around – her phone was resting on the nightstand. It said, “10:35 AM.” It was the day after the Oscars.
Surprised, she reached out and grabbed the phone, glancing at the clock. It was the day after.
Did I just...dream all that? she thought, startled.
Lawrence slowly, groggily, stat upright, taking her phone with her – and felt something under her hand as she did so, a weird wet spot in the place where she was just lying down. Still groggy, she didn't register it at first, and sat back. And then she really felt it, the weird sensation on her chest of her own body moving.
She glanced down, and let out a startled gasp.
Her breasts were gargantuan, heavy things, like huge round canteloupes hanging from her chest. They swayed and bounced as she sat upright, shifting and swaying with every movement, taking odd shapes as they bumped into her bicep or forearm, until they came to a rest on her ribcage, hanging huge and round.
Then she noticed that they appeared covered with some sort of sticky film, and it took her a second – including a glance at the two circular stains on her bed – to realize both nipples were secreting milk, dripping slowly and gradually.
Lawrence clapped both hands to her mouth. It was real. It happened. She didn't dream it.
It was then that she heard a tiny, gargling type noise coming from the other room. Quickly – with her boobs rolling and shifting all over her torso as she did – she got up, and did a quick jog into the other room, and came to a stop staring at a small basket.
Inside were two pink, naked, bundled newborns, and they had just started stirring and moving, and she heard one of the babies – her babies – let out a small, sniffling cry, clearly aching for food.
In response, she felt her breasts suddenly feel a little tighter, and her nipples begun to leak.  She put a hand to them, wincing when she imagined both of the babies sucking on each massive boob.
“Aw, man...”
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